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Introducing (Drum Roll Please)…


That’s right!  The ultimate website for douches all over the land to come together and discuss how fabulous they are.  And what better way to kick start our presence in cyberspace than by giving a special post to our ODB (Original Douche Bag), Jessie from Big Brother season 11!  That’s right!  “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” Jessie gave new meaning to the word douchebag and now that cocky SOB will feel all high and mighty that he kickstarted a website where people can come together — unite, if you will — over scumbags like him.

YES! Jessie loved being in the Big Brother house, he loved causing trouble, but most importantly, he loved himself…a little waaaay too much.

So here’s to you Jessie.  THANK YOU for showing us a whole new level of douchebaggery.  We hope you and everyone else on here enjoys the site.

Paying homage to our ODB

Watch Jessie “in action” here…gotta love the pants, a-hole!


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