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We’re watching you, DOUCHE-LINA!!!

This past week, MTV viewers anxiously awaited the verdict about Season 2 of the hit series “Jersey Shore” and they were not disappointed…or were they??? All of the cast including Snooki and “The Situation” are returning and for an undisclosed amount of money per episode which made them all happy.

BUT WHAT’S THIS??? Departed cast member Angelina is also returning…why???? Isn’t this the same Jersey Shore-ian who left after everyone revealed her skeletons in the closet which included dating a married man, had hooked up with “The Situation” and hated working her job at the shirt store for her 3 hour shifts?

Why should she be allowed the “privilege” of fist pumping with the gang at Karma? What do you think? Should she be allowed back for Season 2???


One Response to “We’re watching you, DOUCHE-LINA!!!”

  1. This girl does NOT deserve to come back. She left b/c she couldn’t handle it…now that the show is a huge success she wants a piece of it?! Not cool. I’m sure there are plenty of other chicks from the Shore who would kill to replace her!

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