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This just makes us sick…This guy Tony Perkins, 47, was arrested in Indiana for intentionally spreading HIV to over 100 women over a 5 year period.  Investigators say he met most of the women on Plenty of Fish, a free internet dating site.  Dozens of women have since come forward saying they fear they may be at risk because they had unprotected sex with him.

Seriously, what was this guy thinking?  And to all you ladies, please be careful out there!!!


2 Responses to “CREEEEEEPPYYY!!!”

  1. WOW, 100 women over a 5 year period! That is at least 1 a month, sometimes two or three within a month! There must be alot of horny, low self-esteem, ladies in Indiana! Maybe there should be a special catagory for Douchiest State!

  2. He looks like a convict. I can’t believe he got so much tail. EW.

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