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For those of you that watch ABC’s “The Bachelor” (hopefully for pure entertainment and not because you think people truly find love on this show), last night was their ever-popular “The Women Tell All” episode.  Earlier in the season, it was revealed that one of the contestants, Rozlyn, was having an affair with one of the show’s producers.  The producer was immediately fired and Rozlyn was asked to leave here:

On last night’s episode, much to the surprise of the other contestants (and most of America), Rozlyn appeared on the show to attempt to defend herself, only to find the other women describing their full accounts of Rozlyn’s indiscretions.  Rozlyn, seemingly unaware of her doing anything wrong, made her final comment lashing out at host Chris Harrison and insinuated that Chris had acted inappropriately himself around the same producer’s wife when the show went to New Zeland.

Chris Harrison, remaining ever so professional and classy, said he would not dignify it with a response, but you can read his reaction on his blog here.

Did you see the show?  What did you think?  Should Rozlyn crawl back into the slimey hole she stepped out of once and for all?


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