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Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus just released their new song “Nothing to Lose”….our ears are bleeding.  Listen if you dare….

Thanks @rPulse for posting that the song is out, but we beg to differ…not for us!


2 Responses to “DOUBLE DOUCHE MASH UP”

  1. Disney Vs Sleazy?

    Listen, I think Miley Cirrus has a first-class ticket to Doucheville, but she hasn’t had intelligent guidance on her journey so the fault may or may not be her own. As for Brett-I-have-a-strange-itch-and-smell-from-my-genitals Micheals, his Douche status is self-inflicted. I wonder what kind or ‘gift’ of knowing Mr. Rock-o-Love will keep on giving as a coincedence of this union. Every Rose has a thorn Miley, remember that!

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