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Ok YDD’ers…sorry we have been absent for a while, but as BennyBear has pointed out the Jesse James scandal is just too douchey juicy to be ignored.

Check this out from Radaronline.com:

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Has More Than A Dozen Homemade Sex Tapes
By Doug

Adding another potential bombshell element to the sudden explosion of Sandra Bullock’s marriage, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that Jesse James has more than 12 homemade sex tapes.

The tapes Jesse made with other women are shocking. “Most of the tapes feature a mass amount of Nazi paraphernalia,” an insider tells RadarOnline.com. “It’s all really quite disturbing.”

A source who saw one of the tapes spoke to RadarOnline.com on the condition of anonymity and gave a partial description. “What I saw was a naked woman on her knees and Jesse in a Nazi hat waving his arm in a salute,” the insider said. “It looked like the woman’s hands were bound.

“He was shouting and singing and appearing to swig from a bottle of bourbon every now and then.”

Jesse has been linked to four mistresses so far, but as RadarOnline.com was the first to report, he admitted to Sandra that there were seven women total during the course of their marriage. Jesse is desperate to save his marriage, but Sandra is adamant on saving her career and divorcing the serial cheater.

RadarOnlne.com has learned that none of the sex tapes are up for sale but that they are also not in a completely secure location.

“They could end up being made public just like the photo of Jesse giving the Nazi salute,” the insider said. “There’s no doubt some of these tapes could leak and end up on the Internet.”


3 Responses to “NOT TO BE IGNORED…”

  1. I don’t understand how you can cheat on the girl who was in love potion #9… How do these women fall for such douchebags… Hey Tiger and this SS wanabe porn star should have their own show. We’ll call the show “Cheating Tiger and Hidden Nazi” The show will be about their supposed sexual addiction and their time in rehab. Hey maybe we can get the Pope to make guest appearance. He was a card carrying member of the Nazi party and he also has experience with true sex addicts and covering for them. Sad but true..


  2. Freakin brilliant Bennybear!!! Just curious, do you think that when Sandra Bullock found out about her husband illicit affairs she was ‘blind sided’ by the news? What….. too soon?

  3. On a serious note Jesse’s wife prior to Sandra Bullock was a heavly tatooed porn star named Janine Lindemulder http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janine_Lindemulder. So he was bangin’ tatooed porn stars before they met and during and probably after. A Tiger can’t change his stripes, but that is another issue.

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